"Every important decision about you is made in the room you're not in." - Sue Bunnell, quoting her powerhouse mentors. 


How do we bring women to more rooms where decisions are made? What are the type of leaders we need for the time we live in? How can you become one? How can you foster an environment of inclusion, understanding, and support in times of ambiguity? 


These are just some of the questions we dive into with Sue Bunnell, my guest for today's episode. 

Sue Bunnell is an SVP at Wells Fargo, where she has served for 20 years in a variety of legal roles. She currently leads a team that handles info security, technology, renewable energy, physical security, property management, construction, and a wide-ranging vendor transactional practice across the more than 6000 retail and administrative locations in 33 countries worldwide. 

She’s has been a guiding voice on Wells Fargo’s COVID-19 and pandemic response activities to keep essential workers and customers safe in Wells Fargo’s facilities.

Sue is also the President and co-Chair of LWT, a women’s professional development and advancement non-profit that started here in the Bay Area, and now has year-long programs in San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York, and Seattle. She joined the Board of the Professional Business Women of California last year and is delighted to serve on the committee that puts on the annual Young Women’s Professional Summit event for up-and-coming women in all industries.

In this episode, Sue and I talk about:

  • Her definition of leadership
  • What type of leaders we need at this time
  • Sue unpacks the key qualities and skills that make a good leader and how you can rise up to become one
  • How to foster leadership skills among women and what each of us can do to become a better leader (LWT Program)
  • How to approach conversations about promotion, or career change with empathy and curiosity, and the right questions you should be asking to understand the full context of why you didn’t get the promotion

What I appreciated most about this conversation, was the insider’s scoop on how promotion decisions are made and how not to take unmet promotion desires personally or with disappointment which is why you need to understand the broader business context. 


This conversation is loaded with a lot of wisdom and practical tips so listen carefully and take notes :) 



Connect with Sue Bunnell

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