"It's all about unspoken expectations." - Mo Tamraz
Have you found yourself in a relationship asking yourself how do I understand this person?
If yes, you're not alone. We've been in your shoes. That's why decided to open up about our relationship and share some of our biggest lessons and challenges on this Valentine's Day.
This time the table is turned and our friend, Mariam Giorgadze, guides us through this conversation.
We discuss questions such as: 
  • What makes for a great relationship?
  • How do we keep our marriage fresh and new even after years spent together? 
  • How do we handle our differences and disagreements? 
  • Love & money - do they go together?
  • How to stay true to yourself without losing your own identity and freedom
These are just some of the questions we dive into in this very special Valentine's themed episode with my husband, Mohamed Tamraz. 
This is an incredibly rich, light-hearted conversation and my absolute favorite conversation we've published so far this year. 
Tune in and share this with someone you love. In the end, it's Valentine's ;) 
If you enjoyed our conversation with Mariam, make sure to check out my previous conversation with Mariam where we discuss the striking differences between how women approach self-care, career, relationships, and money around the world. 


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