What has music to teach us about life and why is playing music so beneficial not only for kids but also adults? 

These are just some of the questions we dive into with my guest for today’s show, Karolina Tomaszewska. Karolina is a world-class pianist & music teacher who’s risen to the top of the world’s most talented musicians.

As a prize winner of the International Piano Competition American Protégé Karolina had her debut in the Carnegie Weill Hall in New York in 2015 and has performed at numerous musical festivals and international competitions around the world. To this day, Karolina continues to advance her musical talent while sharing her gift of music with her students. 


In today’s conversation, we talk about the gift of music to humanity, what music has to teach us, and how we can better manage and experience our emotions through music - of course, there’s much more we dive into in this conversation with Karolina. The best part, you’ll even get to experience the gift of Karolina’s music so don’t go anywhere..



Connect with Karolina Tomaszewska

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