“The deepest relationship you’ll ever have is the one with your body.”

- Dr. Liana Rodriguez

From the cradle to grave, your body is with you and it listens at every step of the way. It knows your true story, what you desire & fear, what you went through in life, and keeps track of all injuries big or small (physical, mental, emotional). Will you listen to the subtle clues your body gives you to prevent or stop illness early on or will you wait for the big awakening later on?

Today, I sit down with Dr. Liana Rodriguez, entrepreneur, functional medicine physician & Air Force Veteran and together we unpack how you can foster a positive relationship with your body and support the healing process even if all of your past attempts have failed. 

Dr. Liana Rodriguez, is the founder of Rejuvenist Health, the premier resource for working professional women to shed hard to lose weight & transform their health.  

In this episode we dive into: 

  • Liana’s path of healing & how she went from an overworked doctor struggling with her own health to a successful health coach & entrepreneur helping others with the same issues she struggled with herself
  • We discuss how you can better understand the language your body speaks - how to pay attention to the subtle clues your body speaks and discern what they mean 
  • The importance of the right evening routine so you get to wake up like a boss
  • We discuss how you can leverage detox for weight loss, what it means to detox outside of the social media craze, and how you can help our body heal when all your past attempts have failed.

Dr. Liana has been helping women who are chronic yo-yo dieters to lose weight utilizing a Root-Cause Approach & metabolic detox without pharmaceuticals, giving up coffee, or spending endless hours in the gym, while also helping them to re-frame their mindset & sustainably keep it off.  

Early in her career while working in a molecular biology & genetics lab she decided to switch gears and attend Osteopathic Medical School. After almost a decade of practicing conventional Internal Medicine, and forced on a path to healing her own body she started additional training in Functional Medicine which then led her to start her own practice, and opened up the world of Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, and Coaching - which is where she is today.


Connect with Dr. Liana Rodriguez

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