Have you ever struggled so badly with your body image & self-worth that you stopped showing up for day-to-day events, parties, or special occasions?

If yes, you're not alone. I've struggled greatly with body image, body dysmorphia, eating disorders for many many years and there was a time in my life when I stopped showing up and withdrew from the world and from my loved ones. If this is something you're going through right now, do not despair! There's a way out. 


In this episode, I'm speaking with my friend Ivonne Delaflor who's interviewed me on her podcast Sovereign Futures about my experience of rising through challenges, healing from the wounds of perfectionism, low self-esteem, anorexic mindset, depression and so much more.


Ivonne is an internationally acclaimed author, spiritual teacher, entrepreneur, and coach to thousands of people around the world. 


Ivonne appeared on the Fearless Warrior Podcast a few weeks prior so If you haven’t heard my conversation with her, hurry up and check out episode # 16 where Ivonne and I talk in-depth about the power of meditation, spirituality and what it has done for her life. 


This is a bilingual episode which is a fun new format to make this podcast more accessible to the Spanish-speaking community. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did:) Please do reach out and let me know your thoughts. 



Important Announcement:

It’s been such a pleasure to release a weekly episode since September 2020. This has been an incredible ride and I’ve enjoyed every part of it and I’m very thankful to each of you for listening, tuning into this podcast, and sharing it with others. Without you, this podcast wouldn’t be what it is today so huge thank you! 


As you know, I’m dedicated to helping women awaken their warrior spirit. What that means is empowering you to step into your courage, strengths, your unique gifts and stripping away doubt, fear, and excuses, and arming yourself with the right mindset and tools to help you accomplish your dreams. This podcast is one way but not the only way how I live my mission. 

Outside of this podcast, I work with clients 1:1, organize masterminds to help you develop new skills and habits, break through your limiting beliefs to help you get on your path to success. One of my goals this year is to impact 500 women through my masterminds and courses. In order to provide more value and facilitate a true transformation, I’ve decided to temporarily scale-back on this podcast and release bi-weekly episodes going forward so that I can focus more on the coaching side of my business.

I hope you’ll be able to participate in my upcoming masterminds and events and be more involved in the Fearless Warrior Community.



I’m hosting a live, virtual mastermind on January 16th on overcoming self-doubt and working with your inner critic. If you’ve ever let your inner voices steal your thunder, make you pull back, stay quiet when you’re supposed to speak up, or make you play safe when you’re supposed to take a risk, this event is for you!


This is going to be a live, half-day event, on January 16th, 9-1pm PT. You can sign up through this link. It’s going to be an EPIC, intimate event, with no more than 30 individuals so make sure to sign-up :) The fantastic part about it, it’s FREE!! 



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