What is the true value of a $1? 

Millions of people in the world live under a $1-2/day and many of us in the Western world can't imagine what that really means, yet, there are thousands of people living on the minimum wage within our own neighborhoods. 

Do you appreciate the value of a single dollar? 

One dollar may not seem like much, yet, for some, it's what makes a difference from living in poverty and being able to live a decent life. 

In this episode, Stephanie Contreras, founder of Business Fitness Forum, shares how she learned the value of a $1, we talk about her mindset around service, money, getting out of debt, and becoming more financially savvy and prudent. We also discuss what it means to be a professional body-builder and what it takes to succeed at a pro-level.

Stephanie opens up about her struggles in her personal life, how she dealt with depression, and how she found her new equilibrium and inner compass again. 

This is a very genuine conversation and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. 

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Contreras is a successful businesswoman, multi-passionate entrepreneur, professional bodybuilder, bikini model, and fitness trainer. Today, she runs her father’s business next to managing her network marketing and coaching company, The Business Fitness Forum. 

Connect with Stephanie Contreras


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