Have you ever felt like your life was falling apart beneath your feet?

If yes, you’re not alone, and to be fairly honest, it’s probably an experience that each of us goes through at some point in life. 

Louise Johnson was exactly in this place seven years ago after going through a traumatic divorce. Even though she spent most of her life in Edinburgh, Scotland, she decided to move to Vancouver, Canada soon after her divorce and start her life over.

Fast forward till today, Louise has called Vancouver, Canada her home since 2013. While she focused on furthering her career in Sales & Marketing, Louise wrote her first memoir in 2019, Lou Who, following a transformative six-year period.

In this episode we dive into:

  • Louise’s experience of healing from a traumatic experience
  • how she regained her strength & discovered a new version of herself, what inspired her to write her first book, the myths of perfection, and the fact that there’s no perfect ending 
  • the gift of giving yourself grace, sitting with emotions, and giving yourself the permission to feel

There’s so much more we dive into with Lou. This is a very genuine, warm, and friendly conversation that I deeply enjoyed.


Connect with Louise Johnson

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